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Tuton Consulting operates as your Trader or broker, securing the best price for a variety of commodities and recyclable materials. For the time being, Tuton trades Iron Ore, coal, Polymers and polymer scrap, Metals, Paper/Cartons, RDF/SRF, sulfur, and a variety of other products.

We provide competitive, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solutions for both buyers and sellers. As global traders, we seek the best value and provide transparent service to every customer.

Our company guarantees the timely payments of the commodities without claims, the quality of the products through our own inspection team, and finally the reliable transport of the materials to the final destination.

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Commodities Trading & Recycling: About


We match you with potential buyers or sellers even when nobody else can!

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Commodities Trading & Recycling: Welcome


We trade a variety of materials and grades, from fiber to plastics and metals. Fiber grades we predominantly trade are Mixed Paper, Newspapers and Magazines, as well as OCC. As regards plastics, we trade a variety of materials, from mixed plastics to HDPE grades, both food-grade and non-food grade, PET grades, PP grades, as well as LDPE film grades. For the above plastics grades, we buy materials sorted out of industrial, commercial or municipal waste, as well as provide raw material to be treated in washing and compounding plants. We are active in trading metals, from scrap steel, to steel cans and aluminium cans. Finally, we cooperate with RDF/SRF incineration facilities who can absorb the above fuels.

Commodities Trading & Recycling: About Us
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